Check out Mary Ann's monthly Baroques column in the historic Courier-Press. The Howe family has printed the paper for the last 100 years. Since October, she has been a monthly contributor to the Pen in Hand published in the Boscobel Dial.  She shares the column with members of her long time writing group, Mary Ann Garrity and Barbara Barr.


Send a Story of Prairie du Chien

After writing about Prairie du Chien for a time, people asked for a book about its history. No matter what people want, I am a storyteller, not a historian.

One morning in late March 2009, I woke up with the concept for Send a Story of Prairie du Chien fully formed.  I’d write pamphlet sized stories that could be sent as a card.  

Currently I am working on Volume V.  All stories are available in paper format and PDF digital format on this website. A sample of the newest title is below.


For Love The Murder of Katie Jordan:

For Love; The Murder of Katie Jordan the haunting and tragic story of a young Glen Haven woman murdered in 1868.


The entire back catalog of Send A Story of Prairie du Chien (Volumes I through V) are now available on the Catalog page! Be sure to check back as volumes are released! Click here for the Series Catalog July 2014 pdf which outlines all the volumes and what to expect in the months to come. Get them digitally on this website.